Being rather uncharacteristically speedy, I’ve managed to get ‘Thing 2’ done on the same day as ‘Thing 1’. To be fair, I do already have a blog, so I didn’t need to spend time setting up a new one (however it could probably do with some sprucing up).

I set up this blog a couple of years ago, with the idea that it would contain reflective writing that I could use for my CILIP Chartership. After tortuously and laboriously writing a few posts about how I felt about particular library courses, tours and events, I suddenly lost my nerve, decided they were rubbish, and made them all private. I also abandoned Chartership as a whole – after telling myself for about a year that I’d start it up again soon, I got onto my PhD course and was finally honest with myself that I am probably not cut out for being a librarian.

Hopefully, now I’ve restarted this as my PhD blog (I’ll possibly also add some older stuff later on), it might last a bit longer. The 23 Research Things course should ensure that I blog regularly, and I like the idea of being in contact with fellow participants, so I’ll have to make the posts public to get the most out of it. I’d also like to get to the stage where writing reflectively comes more naturally, as I have a habit of being too descriptive. Georgina’s video for this week where she describes the process of reflective writing is probably the best way I’ve seen this explained anywhere, using Kolb’s learning cycle of experience, reflect, develop and test. This provides a really good structure that I can keep in my mind as a template when writing future posts – I’ll try to accept that these won’t be perfect, but that they should get better with practice!

23 Research Things: Thing 2 – Getting your blog started
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